cat scratcher board cutting machine



The traditional cat scratching board needs to be cut with a line, the quality is unstable, and the efficiency is low. In order to solve these problems, we have spent three years inventing this automatic cat scratching board cutting equipment and obtained a Chinese patent. Now it is the fourth generation. High efficiency and stable quality.specially designed for cutting irregular-shaped cat scratcher and some other soft material . It breaks through the disadvantages of traditional equipment that have too many burrs after cutting, and the irregular shape cannot be cut. No need polish after cutting.

Machine Parameter

Voltage  3 Phase 380V Wheel diameter 260 mm
Power 10 KW Wire diameter 0.65 -1mm
Control Computer with motion card Main motor 2.2 KW
Reducer Japan Shimpo Cutting speed 380-1000 mm/min
Working size


900 x 1200 x 420 mm


Working table Double
Dimension 5100x2200x1800 mm Weight 1800 KG